1. Don Bosco school intends to give a complete and integral formation to the students. It combines study with training in arts, sports, cultural and social activities leading to the total and all around development of the person.
  2. We believe that a complete education necessarily includes a spiritual dimension. Hence through the practice of the educative system of Don Bosco (generally referred to as the preventive system of education) an all-round growth – physical, mental and spiritual, is aimed at.
  3. Here at Don Bosco school we intend to impart quality education which takes into account the changing needs of the time and the demands of a competitive society. Through the effective implementation of Don Bosco’s system of education we would like to impart life coping skills that will enable children to face life with courage and confidence.
  4. We intend to create in the students a concern for fellow human beings and to bring home to them the basic dignity, equality and interdependence of all people.
  5. The parents of the students constitute an integral part of the educative community together with the school management and teachers. Hence we would like to foster a good rapport among the members of the educative community through regular meetings.