Newness marks every spring season. Fresh leaves sprout up on the trees, flowers bloom more, birds seem to chirp louder, and the whole nature looks alive. We move along with the nature nurturing fresh dreams, goals and vision. We feel renewed and strengthened to pursue our goals and dreams more relentlessly.

To realize these dreams and goals, the school has introduced many new beehive activities this year besides what were carried out in the previous years: animations of school assemblies, handwriting competition, spelling bee, quiz competition, debate competition, multiplication table competition and monthly tests. Wearing of coloured T-shirts has facilitated in organizing games and sports better. Animation of daily assemblies by students is a moment of great inspiration giving a good start to the day. The on-going school’s standardization process will usher in an inflow of improvement in all aspects. CCTVs have helped to improve the discipline of the school better. Digital classrooms have been a great fillip to the teaching-learning process. This proves that the institution is embracing the digital world to remain relevant. I would like to thank our parents who have been very co-operative in ushering more innovative ways for the good of the children and the school.

No doubt, the school presents host of opportunities for students to grow. Students only have to grab them. Opportunities are like sunrises, if one waits too long, one is going to miss them. Yes, students should be wise enough to harness the golden chances to prepare themselves for a brighter future. Remember, there won’t be perfect opportunities; instead one is to seize the opportunity and make it perfect.

Each one of us is challenged to take all the “good practices” of the school forward and explore new avenues for excellence and relevance. Every day and every moment presents a wakeup call for change and adaptation to new ways of learning; such conscientious activities ought to permeate throughout the school, our neighbourhoods and our lives. Let us make good use of the present by being passionate in all academic and extra-curricular activities for they are co-related and they are the determining factors to one’s happiness. Wish you all God’s blessings in the coming months, God bless you all